Clutch Install

While the removal of the transmission is pretty straight forward and mostly requires unhooking the battery, removing the starter, removing the axles and pulling bolts. The majority of clutch install errors come with the actual installation of the clutch assembly. I personally have had a flywheel come loose before while driving. It’s not fun, in fact it kind of scares a guy a wee bit. While this isn’t a complete step by step on how to change your clutch it does cover the main areas of screw up.

Integra Hub Removal

removal SO much easier. I highly suggest the Ingersol Ti guns. Pictured is one of their thunder guns

Integra Header

Pull the Bolts on your header

Integra Clutch install

Now is also the time you want to remove your clutch slave cylinder. DO NOT CRACK THE LINE! just unbolt it from the transmission. Also remove the starter after you disconnect the battery. For help with axles see the axle install article on this same pull down menu. Do make sure you pull the trans brace and disconnect the shift linkage at the shifter. Also, it’s not a bad idea to use blue or red gel threadlock on the flywheel and pressure plate bolts. It’s not so much for the locking capability as it is vibration resistance. Don’t lob the stuff on, just a dab will do.

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